Saturday, April 17, 2010

Future Career?

Meet my fashionista Bela:

She just loves the camera and will even ask her dad to take a picture of her as she does her different pose. She would even ask her dad to show her the pictures after taking it to see if she looks good or not. We sometimes even catch her posing and looking at her reflection in front of the mirror. That is how vain she is. LOL.

That is why I can already imagine her having a career either in fashion or beauty. I checked out the website of Regency Beauty Institute, one of the fastest growing Cosmetology school in Colorado, and I am confident that they will be able to give Bela the best training if ever Bela decides to choose this career path. They have good facilities and their campuses are like the upscale salons so their students are guaranteed only the best training. They even have good connections so they can help their students find jobs after graduating from their school.

But whatever career Bela decides to choose, we as parents will always be here to support her all the way.