Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bela's Garden

I was checking my picture sets in Flickr and saw this:

These pictures were taken the last time Bela went to our house in Bulacan with her dad and grand dad. (Hubby decided to visit since it has been a while since we last went there to check the house. And hubby discovered that there are really a lot of things that needs to be repaired and replaced like the tiles in the rest room, the sink which he is thinking to replace with Franke sink so it will be stylish and durable, and the tiles in the kitchen.)

Bela had fun during their visit as she and her dad planted some seeds in the garden (though it looks like we need to do some trimming of the grass in the garden. LOL). She also watered the plants and she visited her pet pigs there.

It was just a short visit as it is a long weekend when they went there so they are expecting heavy traffic along the highway on their way home so they left after having lunch. Hubby will be back next week from his TD in Micronesia and we might come and visit again soon as we really need to clean the house and move some of our stuffs there as we need a lot of space in our house here in Manila for the coming of the second baby.