Friday, April 02, 2010

Bela, our Party Goer

Bela is a real party goer now. She likes attending parties and she really makes sure that she participated in all the games and other activities. Just like when we attended the party of Daniel Theo (the first born of my good friend Thet and Dexter) last March 6, 2010. She tried the face painting, joined all the games, watched and enjoyed the magic and puppet show and she even volunteered when the magician needs an assistant with his parrot show.

My friends are saying that she is one confident little girl. I hope she will stay like this up to when she is grown up already (and even if she will have hormonal acne like me. LOL. But I need not worry about this as there are lots of acne products available as I read from website).

But I guess we just have to support her in everything that she wants to do and fulfill in her life. Like now, she wants to try swimming and drum lessons and we enrolled her to these lessons this summer. She even wants ballet lessons but we will just enroll her come June for their once a week class.

Hopefully with our guidance and support, she will grow up to be a very confident and smart lady.