Saturday, April 03, 2010

Picky Eater

Bela is really one picky eater. Maybe she got used to the texture of those baby foods when she was a baby that is why we are really having a hard time feeding her with real foods now that she is a toddler already.

She eats rice now but without any viand and so we just have to put soup or sauce to her rice so at least it will have some taste. That is the reason why up to now we are still giving her milk to supplement the nutrients that she is not getting from not eating meat and poultry.

I took this picture last week because I was really surprised when she started munching on this banana and she was even able to finish it:

Maybe she got really scared because I was teasing her that she will get pimples and scalp pimples if she doesn’t eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. LOL. I already talked to her pediatrician about this and he said that we will wait for a few more months to check if she will increase her height and weight before he starts Bela on a work up because so far, Bela is still within the average.

But I do hope that she will start to eat real food soon as she is getting older already and with all the activities that she will be doing now that she is entering big school come June, she will really need all the nutrients that she can get so she will grow up to be a healthy kid.