Saturday, April 03, 2010

Final Activities for Bela this Summer

It will be a busy summer for Bela. Actually we decided to fill her schedule with a lot of activities since we are trying to divert her hyper activeness with worthwhile activities. And we also noticed that after class, since she is tired already (LOL), she takes a nap in the afternoon. Not like when she has no class and she is just at home, she won’t stop playing or watching TV all day that she doesn’t get to take her nap in the afternoon.

So after deliberating with the lolo and the lola (who will take Bela to class during weekdays) and after discussing it with hubby, we finally decided to enroll Bela to the following classes:

1. Magic Strokes and Reading class at MSS which will run for a month from April 13 – May 14. This will be an every day 1.5 hour class.
2. Drum Lessons. Actually this was not supposed to be a summer class since we enrolled her to this class last February, but since we are absent twice already and her teacher has been absent 3x too, and so we still have nine more sessions left.
3. Swimming Class with Aqualogic which will start next week and will run for two months since I just enrolled her to their once a week class for eight sessions.

So it will be one busy and fun summer for Bela.