Friday, November 05, 2010

SSC Ballet Club - Open House

Last October 23 was also the Open House of the SSC Ballet Club. So after the Country Fair event, we all run to the Dance Hall to attend the open house.

They are actually strict during regular class and they really don’t allow parents to linger around in the dance hall to watch our kids during class. So I got really excited when I read the memo about the Open house as this is the only opportunity for us to watch Bela during her ballet class.

I know that Bela really loves ballet class because even if she has to wake up early every Saturday, she will still force herself out of bed so she can make it to class. I was even asking her to stop already as Saturday is a really busy day for us and so I would rather sleep a little late on Saturdays but she refuses and she said that she really loves ballet and she really likes to continue with the class.

As we were watching Bela, I can really see how much she loves ballet and how much she enjoys her class. She was really very attentive and she really tries very hard to follow every instructions of Teacher Abbie. Though she finds it difficult sometimes to follow all the steps, she really gives her 100%.

She still doesn’t have the perfect ballet form but who knows, with practice; maybe she can be the best ballet dancer ever. What is important is that she retains her interest and passion for ballet and we are just right here to support her.