Friday, November 05, 2010

My Princess Ate Bela

Just look at my Bela, she is so big now:


This picture was taken just last weekend during her pictorial for her birthday invitation. This is the gown that she will be wearing on her birthday party on the 20th which was made by Prim of Baby Fashionista. I ordered the gown in advance so it will be ready a few weeks before her party so she can wear it for her pictorial for the invitation.

As I was looking at Bela, I really can’t help but feel sentimental as I realized that my baby is no longer a baby. I hugged and kissed her to bits after having this realization. I guess I really can’t stop her from growing. I was even teasing her and I was asking her if she can be my baby forever but she just said “But I am already an ate.” Oh, how I really wish she can be my baby forever.


Faye said...

ang cute naman ni Bela :) ang pretty pretty :)