Friday, November 05, 2010

No Longer a Baby

In just a few days, my Bela will be turning five years old already. Almost everything is set for the party except for the invitations which my husband is still working on. I am happy and proud of what Bela have accomplished already and I can’t help but be the proud mom as I know she is growing up to be a smart and fine girl. But I also can’t help but feel sad as I realized that my Bela is really no longer a baby.

This made me realize that it is really time to start making new investments so we can secure the future of our kids. Because of this, I have been visiting the site of United States Gold Bureau so I can learn more about gold investment as we are planning to buy gold bullion as our initial gold investment. Gold has always been known to hold great value and power and so it is a true testimonial that it is a very stable and strong investment option.

I will present my proposal to hubby and I am sure he will agree with my plans.