Monday, November 29, 2010

Bela's 5th Birthday @ Hospicio de San Jose

Every year, we celebrate Bela’s birthday with the kids of Hospicio de San Jose as our thanksgiving and our way of showing gratitude for giving Bela good health all these years. It is already our 4th year in Hospicio (we celebrated Bela’s first birthday at Missionaries of Charity in Tayuman) and so the kids there know us already.

Since I called Hospicio two weeks before the date that I was eyeing (which is November 21 as it is also Cobi’s 5th month birthday), they already have a booked party on that date. So hubby suggested that we just do it on the 16th which is Bela’s actual birthdate. Luckily, November 16 was declared as a holiday so we were able to have the party early instead of the original plan of having it after the classes of the kids which is around 4:30 PM.

I just booked a party package again with Jollibee Mendiola as what I do every year. They arrived early and started setting up the balloons and the food as soon as they arrive. The kids started coming around 2 PM and we started the party around 2:30 PM when all the kids are present already.

They started with the games and Bela had fun joining the kids. Then it was eating time and then the presentation of Jollibee where he did a dance number. Then there was candle blowing and Bela and her dad sang a song for the kids again.

The party ended with the thank you song from the kids which never fails to touch my heart.

Thanks to my friends, colleagues and Twitter mates who donated cash and goods for the kids. They are really so thankful for the donations that we give them. Till next year…


Faye said...

belated happy birthday Bella!:) mwah!