Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Profit from Technology

I have been contemplating starting my own small business for years. One day, as I was online getting information on Tacori engagement rings for my sister, I thought I’d also do some research on how the use of technology would help a business run. It is no secret that the right technology can make a business more profitable and help eliminate some costs from a business. It can also allow business owners the ability to service more customers without the need of additional staff.
The following are tips supplied by various small business owners on how to save money on technology purchases:

1. Use Twitter - Many companies are using Twitter in order to broadcast and advertise their special offers, coupons and deals.
2. Google Alerts Use - Before purchasing a piece of technology, some business owner’s look to review websites on items they are interested in and set a Google Alert for the items. For several days they watch the price of the items and purchase when the prices are right for them.
3. The Use of Web-Based Software - Using this type of software helps save on maintenance costs and often eliminates the need for small business to buy expensive boxed software and then continuously needing the various upgrades that go with it. There are web-based applications that also have a great support team who are available at no additional cost, 24/7.
4. Office Productivity Software Use - Google offers versions of free spreadsheet applications, presentations, word processing, and e-mail. Sun offers free tools for productivity that includes presentation applications, spreadsheets, and a word processor. With Mozilla, business owners can get an email client and other applications.
5. Small Business Bartering - Businesses can help one another out. For example, one can offer help in web-design in exchange for phone set-up.