Sunday, November 14, 2010

Full Time Granny

Now that my mom has finally retired from being a chairman after finishing her three-term, she can now concentrate in doing the best job that she can ever have, and that is being a grand mother to her three grand children.

Luckily Allsup was able to help my mom claimed her Medicare part D plan after retiring so she does not have to think about it and just really enjoy her time with her grand kids.

I know it will take a lot of getting used to as she has been a chairman for more than a decade now so she has been used to a very busy life but I am sure she will forget all about it as she will surely be busy taking care of her three (and more to come) cute grand children.

And in all honesty, my brother and I would prefer that she be just an ordinary citizen as our life will be quieter that way. We asked her to vow that she will not run again in the next election as we would rather want a simple life for her with less intrigues and gossips. Anyways, she can still help our neighbours if she still wants to even if she is not a chairman.