Friday, November 05, 2010

Perfect Time

Cobi is just four months old and so it is just Bela who is going to school now. But Howell and I are already preparing because we know that in just a few years, Cobi will be going to school too and this means that a big chunk of our salary will go to Bela and Cobi's tuition.

So now that we still have extra money while Cobi is still not going to school, we realized that this is the perfect time to make some investments which might earn interest in the future. And so we are considering to invest in gold and buy gold bullion.

Gold is a very good investment as its value does not depreciate in time and so it is safe to say that it is a very stable investment. It is also universally accepted so it will not be a problem to convert it to cash.

We are sure that we can save for our kids' future with the help of gold.