Monday, November 22, 2010


Bela’s 5th birthday party at Hospicio de San Jose
Bela’s 5th birthday party at The Creamery
Book Week program at St. Scho
Cobi’s 5th month birthday celebration

These are just some of the pictures of my two kids that I have yet to download and upload in Facebook and Flickr. Hmm, I think it will be a bright idea to get a digital frame in the coming Black Friday sale so at least I can display the pictures of my kids instead of it just being stored in DVDs.

I know I should really sit down one day and try to select pictures that I will send for printing. Or better yet I should be like my friends who always take advantage of promos from Artscow and they make Photo Books of their pictures.

I guess this should be at the top of my To do list and I really, really should try to accomplish this before the year ends.