Saturday, November 27, 2010

UN Celebration at St. Scho

I already uploaded the pictures that hubby took during the United Nations celebration at Bela’s school but I forgot to blog about it.


It was held last October 22, 2010 and Bela’s class is representing the country Hawaii. I just bought the grass skirt from SM and had her use her pink ballet uniform to go with the grass skirt.

The program started with the costume parade where each class went around the campus. Then there was a program at their Little theater where each class will perform. The two Jr. Prep class dance to the tune of the Lilo & Stitch song and Bela really gave her all to sway her hips to dance the hula. LOL. Just look at her video.

Then she was also selected to be a part of a group of kids who will sing the closing prayer. They sang “Jesus loves the little Children.”

As always, Howell and I were proud and beaming parents after Bela’s performance.