Friday, November 26, 2010

On Her Wedding Day

I am so excited when I saw in Flickr some pictures that Jojo took during Bela’s 5th birthday party at the Creamery. But there is one picture that I love and even caught the attention of some of my friends:

They said that they imagined Bela’s wedding day (I just hope that I still don’t need anti aging products by that time) after seeing this picture and made them really emotional. I was really emotional too when I was looking at Bela’s pictures as it hit me and I realized that Bela is really no longer a baby. As I posted in my previous entry, I was nearly in tears when I first saw Bela wearing this gown.

How I wish I can just hold her in my arms forever and she will forever be my baby. But I know that I have to let her spread her wings and find her destiny. I know that if we brought her up right, she will turn up to be a very fine lady.