Monday, November 29, 2010

Bela's 5th Birthday Party @ The Creamery MOA

Last November 20 was Bela’s party with her classmates and some close friends and relatives at The Creamery in Mall of Asia. She had a Princess Tea Party as the theme for her birthday. Bela was the one who chose this theme and she specifically said that she has to wear a gown.

On the day of Bela’s party, we have to wake up early as we still have to drop by at St Scholastica for the measurement taking for Bela’s costume for her ballet recital this December. After St. Scho, we just dropped Bela home as her lola still has to set her hair. We left Bela and we have to leave right away as we still have to pick up the cake in Caloocan before heading to the venue to start setting up before the guests arrives.

When we arrived at the venue, the party before us just finished and so they are still fixing up the place. It was already 2:30 PM and our guests are starting to arrive already and they still have no place to stay. The staff of the Creamery finished with the setup by 3:00 PM and the party officially started by 3:30 PM. The host from the Creamery started with the games for the kids where everybody joined and had fun including the mommies. After the games was eating time. (I was not able to taste the food but my relatives said that the food was good.)
After eating time was the magic show by Amazing Arnold. I already watched him perform before though I did not get to watch his whole presentation this time. But from the looks in our guests’ faces, it looks like they had fun with Arnold. After the magic show was the Candle Blowing ceremony and the giving of the loot bags to the kids.

Looking at Bela’s face, it looks like she really had fun. This is the stage where she can really appreciate parties as she was even the one who plan for everything about the party. Plus her wish that her classmates will be there on her party came true as a lot of her classmates attended the party which really, really made Bela very happy and excited. She has been talking about this party for days which goes to show how happy she is with her Princess Tea Party.
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So every handwork and penny that we dedicated for this party was all worth it.