Saturday, March 05, 2011

Moving to Sr. Prep

In just two weeks, school will be finish for Bela. I can’t believe that she is already finished with Kinder and she is already an incoming Prep student as school opens this school year.

I am so proud of Bela and I am so thankful for her teachers who helped her get through her first step in big school. That is why I am looking for a small gift that I can give her teachers as a sign of my gratitude for all the help that they give to Bela to make her stay in Kinder a very enjoyable one.

Sowhen I saw Personal Creations custom mugs, I knew that this will be the perfect gift that I am looking for. I can customize the mugs with the pictures of the past activities of the school with Bela and her teachers and I can even add text like the name of each of her teacher.

When we were deciding if Bela is ready for big school already, there are a lot of things going through my head. As a mom, I feel so scared for Bela as I know that big school is a big adjustment. But all my fears are gone now and I am thankful for all her teachers who truly helped her adjust to the big school setup.