Saturday, March 05, 2011

Takbo Para sa Karunungan

Bela and Howell will be joining this:

DZMM will be sponsoring a fun run at the Quirino Grand Stan dubbed as “Takbo para sa Karanungan” next Sunday, March 13, 2011. Hubby registered himself and Bela for the 3K run and he got their uniforms and document already.

Howell is already excited for Bela as this will be Bela’s first marathon. Of course we are not really expecting that they will win but all hubby wants is for Bela to have this kind of exposure so she will get to enjoy different activities and then it is up to her to decide which sports she wants to pursue.

You know how much excited hubby is? He is even planning to go to Recto to order a personalized medal for Bela for participating in the marathon. LOL. And so I thought that I am the only stage parent in our family. I guess I am wrong as Howell is doing a much better job of being a stage dad.