Friday, March 04, 2011

Summer Program @ SSC

The last day for Bela’s class will be on March 18 and it will also be their Moving Up Day. This means that in just two weeks, summer vacation will officially start for Bela.

But just like the previous years, Bela always has an activity every summer to keep her busy so she has something to channel all her energy (as she has a lot. LOL). But I am glad that I don’t have to search for a nice summer class for Bela (so I can finally concentrate in looking for a metal hose supplier), as her school will be offering summer classes which is open to all grade schoolers who wants to enrol.

They have Reading, Math, Rondalla, Art, Dance and Theatre and even Filipino class for their non-Tagalog speaking students. I want to enrol her to Math / Reading and Filipino but the schedule is for 3 hours per day every session.

I better show this to Bela’s dad so he can help me decide on which class should we enrol Bela.