Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Preschool and Motessori Method

When my Bela turned two years old, my husband, my mom and I have been debating whether it is time for Bela to enter Preschool or it would be best that we just let her stay at home.

My mom is a retired preschool teacher but she is so used to the traditional method of teaching where kids should be behave and should learn to just stay put on their sit as they listen to what the teacher is saying. That is why my mom was so scared to enrol Bela to preschool as she thought that it might be a traumatizing experience for her at a very young age.

But we discovered, Giraffe, a Childcare Dublin and Early Learning center which offers Montessori Method of teaching. With this method, children are allowed to explore and learn through play. Children will also get to learn and explore in their own pace as each student received a one-on-one lesson from a teaching staff.

Because of this discovery, my mom finally agreed to enrol Bela to Preschool and we are glad that we made the right choice because she enjoyed it. We believe that she is a smart and confident kid now because of her experience in a Montessori environment during her preschool years.

And now that we have Cobi, we will not think twice and Cobi will also get to experience the Montessori Method of teaching when it is time for him to go to school.