Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Battle for their Child

It is Bela’s schedule of check up with her doctor last week and I can’t help but listen to the conversation of the parents sitting beside us who has a child with a cleft lip. The parents are confuse as to how this has happened to their child since the mother did all that she can to protect her baby during her pregnancy. Her doctor suspects that it could be caused by the medicine that she took for her migraine.

I got curious and did more reading in the Internet and sadly, I discovered more medicines that are being linked to other serious illnesses like bladder cancer which is caused by a medicine to cure Type II diabetes, which is Actos.

To get justice, these victims must therefore act and consult lawyers from firms that can help them file a lawsuit to make the manufacturers of this medicine pay for the injury that they have caused. One of those law firms is Watts Guerra Craft LLP, an actos cancer law firm.

The attorneys of these law firms knows the ins and outs of filing for a pharmaceutical case so victims will have a bigger chance of getting a just claim for the damages that they have incur.


Drug said...

This is a great post about the risks of Topamax. If a pregnant woman, or woman who may become pregnant takes this medication, it greatly increases the chance that the baby will suffer from the birth defects cleft lip and cleft palate. These birth defects are not only cosmetic and can cause problems eating an speaking. The FDA has advised that women who are or may become pregnant not take Topamax for the safety of their child. Just something to be aware of – this can lead to serious health risks if an unexpected pregnancy occurs. Regards, TL