Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Boo- Boo

It was a very busy Wednesday for me at work as it is just a short day as we were dismissed early. I did a last minute check of my email and to my hurry, I accidentally deleted the email from Bela’s school regarding their enrolment. I asked a co-parent and she confirmed that it is regarding the online enrolment form that we signed up for.

I really need to get that email as I need to enrol Bela the soonest possible time as I want to accomplish this before we leave for our vacation. Good thing I was able to contact their IT section through the help of my co-mommy, Melay, and they promise to resend to me the email when they go back to work on Tuesday.

At least after enrolment, all that is left for me to take care of includes:

• shopping for school supplies for Bela
• labelling the notebooks and books of Bela which I can easily do since we have one of those reliable epson printers at home that I can use to print labels for Bela’s notebooks and other school supplies
• have her measurements taken for her school uniform

June will be a busy month for us as it is the time for our move to the new house, and Cobi’s first birthday party. So I really wanted to accomplish as much as I can now so Bela will be ready for school opening come June no matter how hectic our schedule is for June.