Thursday, April 21, 2011

McDo Kiddie Crew Day 2, 3 & 4

My mom was not able to bring a camera on the second day of Bela’s with McDo’s Kiddie crew workshop but my mom said that Bela had so much fun:

• The kiddie crew assisted in the counter, in serving the guests, in taking care of the guests’ orders and in preparing the orders. Bela’s favorite is the time that they spent in the kitchen preparing the orders like French fries, soda and float.


• The kiddie crew also assisted in cleaning up the restaurant by cleaning the tables and the windows and even the Ronald Mc Donald statue outside the store.


• They also had an art time where kids were given Mc Do’s art materials


The workshop lasted for two hours everyday. It is practically the same routine for day 2 to 4 and Bela always had a blast.

After the workshop, Bela still has energy to play at the Play Area just outside McDo while they wait for me.