Wednesday, April 27, 2011

McDonalds kiddie Crew: Graduation Day

Last April 8 was the graduation day of the first batch of McDonalds kiddie crew workshop. My dad picked me up at the office after they drop Bela and my mom at McDo so I can watch the event also.

It was just a simple ceremony:

• they had games (it is like a children’s party)
• talent show
• presentation of art works of the kids during the work shop
• presentation of certificate of participation


Bela really had fun during the work shop and she even gained a lot of friends. Even the crew and manger of McDo all love Bela because of her charming and sweet personality.

Kids today are so lucky they have all sort of activities that they can enjoy during their summer break. Bela really had a blast and I will recommend this program to all my mommy friends for their kids. I will surely enroll Bela again for next year’s summer workshop.