Friday, August 06, 2010

Bela in Muslim Costume

I know I should be looking for landscape lighting as I promised my husband that I will present him with something later so we can order it this weekend but I have to stop first my search as I can’t wait to post Bela’s picture here:

bela 010bela 021
Last August 2 was the opening ceremony of their Buwan ng Wika program in school and all Prep students were asked to wear Mindanao costume. We actually received the letter one week before August 2 so my mom was in panic as we don’t know if we ca find a ready made costume for Bela’s size as it is really difficult to find one for her as she is a little small. And I am not sure also if Prim will still accept to make a costume for Bela as it is just less than a week for her to make the costume.

So what my mom did is look for the Muslim costume that my sister wore when she was in Grade 4 and have it repaired and this is the finished product. Who would have thought that the costume Bela was wearing was just recycled from an old costume. LOL.

They will have a program on the 19th and parents will be invited to come to school to watch and Howell and I are already looking forward to it (stage parents. LOL.)


Faye said...

pretty pretty ni Bela!:)