Monday, August 30, 2010

Lingo ng Wika @ St. Scho

Last August 19 was the Prep Tugmang Bayan at St. Scholastica. They sent out invites so the parents can come to school to watch their kids perform.

Bela was so excited as she has been working hard to memorize the two poems that they will recite for the program: “Ang Maya at Pipit” and “Pinya.” She will often complain every time I asked her to practice at home but we were so surprised because she knows all her lines.

bela 218-1
bela 099-1

Both Howell and I went to school to watch her perform and so she was so happy and was so proud to introduce us to her friends and teacher. Before the program started, we saw her looking for us as she specifically told us that we have to watch her and so we really made it a point to visit her on her designated chair and told her where we were seated so she will know that we are watching her perform. She was even waving her hand at us when she was on stage already as she is just so ecstatic that both Howell and I are there to watch her performance.

bela 180-1
bela 156-1
bela 142-1
bela 117-1

After all the Prep students recited their poem, they all danced to the tune of a Badjao song (because their adapted region for their Buwan ng Wika is Mindano) and according to Bela this is her favorite.

bela 233-1
bela 222-1

You can view more pictures here.