Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bela's Tagalog

Bela will be having a program for their Buwan ng Wika this coming August 19. I was worried at first because she has to memorize 2 poems (with 4 stanzas each) which they will recite during the program. On the first night that I got the copy of the Tagalog poem, I already worked with Bela to help her memorize the poem and it was really a big challenge as she is really not into it and it took a lot of convincing before I can make her concentrate to listen to me to memorize the poem. I have to turn off the TV, asked yaya to pack away her toys and sit down so she can concentrate. She was almost in tears as she was really having a hard time memorizing it but it worked as she was able to memorize the two poems that night. It is just funny to hear her recite it as she has a very funny accent when speaking in Tagalog.

I am so excited to watch her perform on August 19. Our digital camera and video camera is ready already to shoot that special moment next week.