Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Creamery: Booked

Finally after weeks of thinking it over, we were able to finally decide on where to celebrate Bela’s 5th birthday.

We actually did not plan for Bela to have a party on her 5th birthday but she kept on telling us that she already told her classmates that she will be having a Princess Tea party on her birthday. LOL. And the grand parents and the aunties are all getting mad at me for not planning a party for Bela because they know that she has been very sensitive and very jealous lately because she is still adjusting to the coming of her baby brother.

And so I gave in and started planning for Bela’s party. I only like to have the party at Shakey’s because I am working on a limited budget but Howell asked me to look for another venue where it will be suitable to have a Princess themed party. I have searched everywhere but I can’t find a nice place that will go with our theme and that will fit our budget. Thanks to my sister who suggested, The Creamery, a restaurant and ice cream bar located at Kids Universe in SM Mall of Asia.

I inquired last week and checked out the place with my sister. I find the place small for our number of guest and the price expensive but Howell is really not into celebrating the party at Shakey’s so I have him checked out the place last Saturday. He loves it and he promised that he will give me additional budget so we can afford to have the party at the Creamery.

We paid the reservations last Saturday so the venue for Bela’s 5th birthday party is finally booked. This will be a small party only with Bela's classmates and close friends and relatives as her guest but I am sure Bela will still have the grandest time of her life.


maimai1077 said...

hi..been looking for a venue as well for my daughter' 7th..saw pictures of the creamery and it looks promising :) have a list of their party package? you mind sharing...tnx :)