Thursday, August 12, 2010

HK Study Tour of the SSC Ballet Club

The SSC Ballet Club will have a study tour in Hong Kong this coming October. Everybody is invited to join this tour and to give more details about the tour, they invited the parents of the students for a meeting which was held last July 31.

We were in Bicol that time but since hubby and I are interested for Bela to join the tour, I asked my ever reliable sister to attend the meeting for us. As per the information gathered by my sister:

• This study tour will be a five day trip which is tentatively scheduled at the end of October.
• The activities for the participants will be from 8 AM to 7 PM where they will visit Ballet schools, the behind the scene of the shows in Disneyland and a meet and greet with the dancers of Disneyland.
• While the participants are on tour, the parents will not be allowed to be with their kids during the entire length of the activity which last the whole day. The parents will just give their kids money to spend for food while they are on tour so basically the participants will be on their own.
• At the end of the tour, they will select the best participant for a scholarship in one of the Ballet schools in Hong Kong.

Even after getting this information, hubby still like Bela to join the tour as Howell thinks that this will be a good experience and exposure for Bela. I on the other hand is having second thoughts as I know that Bela still can’t be on her own and as a mom, even a single minute away from Bela on a foreign land won’t give me a peace of mind even if the teachers are assuring that they will take care of Bela.

Our verdict: We will not be joining the tour and I told Howell that maybe I will allow Bela to join this tour when she is in Grade 5 already. LOL. Anyways, they have it ever year so who knows, maybe next year, I will be able to let go of Bela and let her try to be on her own.