Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bela's SDE

Sharing the Same-Day-Edit video of Bela’s 7th Birthday party by KSnaps productions:
We have attended a party of my daughter’s friend where KSnaps Productions introduced their Same-Day-Edit video. Bela really enjoyed watching the video, especially when she saw herself in the video. That is why she really requested to have the same video on her party.

She calls it “Behind-the-scenes” video and she said that she wanted to play it before everybody leaves, so that her classmates and friends will also see themselves in the video.

Hubby was really impressed with the editing skills of KSnaps Productions, considering they only have a limited time in editing it as they shoot the video and edit it on the same day so the video can be played at the end of the party. They were able to capture all the highlights of the party, including heart-warming moments like the daddy and daughter scene of Bela and Howell.

This is really a must have for your party, especially if you have an extra budget to spare. You can contact my friend Kathy of KSnaps Productions for inquiries: 0915-8793831.