Sunday, July 25, 2010

For Daddy this Time

I just received the box containing the loots from my last online shopping for Cobi and Bela and I am really happy with my purchases. And what a great timing since I received an email from my good friend Ems informing me that our favorite online store is on sale again and is even offering additional 25% off to selected sale items.

I checked the site and most of the items that I like are for 9 month old babies already which means that Cobi still has to wait for eight months before he can wear them. And so I thought that it is a sign that I should stop shopping for my kids for the meantime and maybe I can shop for hubby this time.

I checked out their Men’s section and found some nice men's polo shirts that are on sale too. The polo shirts will be perfect for hubby as he can use it for work as he only wears polo shirts when at work and not those formal office attire so the sale is really a perfect timing for me to shop for him.

I already added a lot of items in my shopping cart and I will just ask hubby if he likes the color that I selected and this will all go to Checkout.