Sunday, July 25, 2010

Instant Family Getaway

These pictures were taken last July 15 at the swimming pool of Pan Pacific hotel.

Because of typhoon Basyang, we lost power and we have no electricity for two days and so on the second night, hubby decided that we check-in to a hotel since we know that Bela and Cobi will have a hard time sleeping and they might even get sick if there is no aircon.

I observed that the hotel is full with families like us who doesn’t want their kids to have an uncomfortable sleep. Thank goodness that hubby was able to use his connections and so we were able to get a good rate than the one that they are initially offering us.

The kids that Bela met in the pool lives just near the hotel but they have no electricity too at home so they decided to spend the night at Pan Pacific too like us.

It became an instant family getaway for us (though hubby has to go to work the next day) as Bela had a great time swimming before going to class that day.