Sunday, July 04, 2010

First Day In School

Before I read about Clinicallix reviews, let me make this delayed post about Bela’s first day in school.

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Last June 15, I took a leave from work as I want to be with Bela on her first day in big school. Howell took a leave too so he can be with her princess. We left home early as we don’t want to be late for Bela’s first day so we reached St. Scholastica 30 minutes early.

We entered at Gate 7 and checked for Bela’s name on the bulletin board to check Bela’s section and room assignment. Bela will be under Junior Prep – St. Benedict under Ms. Manala. Her teacher and a few of her classmates were already inside the room when we arrived. Howell and I went inside the room and Bela said Hi and good afternoon to her teacher, selected her seat and went on playing with her new classmates.

Howell was able to take some pictures before we were asked to just wait for Bela outside the room. We were observing the whole time how Bela is in the new school setup and looks like she is really having fun. She was participating most of the time for all the activities - followed teacher’s actions when they were singing, volunteered for one of the activities, ate her snacks with her classmates during snack time, and even colored her name tag. But there was one time when she was calling teacher’s attention but teacher did not notice her and she really felt bad that she started to throw tantrums after that and won’t participate in the activity. But as soon as we reached home, I explained to her that since they are big girls already, they only have one teacher and so teacher can’t attend to all their needs at the same time so there are times that she has to wait for her turn or there are times teacher might not notice her and I guess she understood what I explained to her.

Everyday I will ask Bela how her day went and she will always answer enthusiastically and from the sound of it, it looks like she is really having fun. Now I am happy with our decision to enroll her at St. Scholastica.