Sunday, July 25, 2010

For Bela & Cobi

Ballet Class
Swimming Class

These are just some of the extra curricular activities that keep Bela busy. Though we are happy at how these activities have helped Bela improved her skills and talents, it is no denying that this cost a great amount of money. And now that we have Cobi, this means that we have to double the budget that we allocate for these kinds of classes so we can enroll both our kids to these great extra curricular activities.

That is why Howell and I have been really talking and we both agree that we should really start saving for our kids. We also talked about trying out other investments so we can secure our kids’ future and the investment that tops our list after doing research is gold investment.

Gold is a very good investment as it is widely accepted so it can be easily converted to cash. That is why after checking out the site of United States Gold Bureau, we got really convinced to buy gold bullion from them and their hard asset professionals can help us with our initial gold investment.

We know that with gold investment, we can never go wrong.