Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Happy Mom

It’s been almost two months since Bela started in the big school. And as of now, I can see how well she improved and she’s really doing a great job.

I just attended the PTA meeting last week and her teacher told me positive feedbacks about Bela and I was so happy to hear that, because honestly, at first I am not that confident to enroll her in a big school because I’m a bit nervous that she will have a hard time adjusting in her environment.

But I was totally wrong because every time I check on Bela’s evaluation sheet and notebooks, I am happy and assured that Bela is improving with a lot of skills especially in her academics. Actually, last two days, B had her exams and on the first, she got 20/21 and on the second she had a perfect score that’s why there’s no doubt that she is doing well.

I just hope that she will keep up with her goods works and make me more proud as what I am right now.