Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swimming Class with Aqualogic Again

Bela started with her swimming class with Aqualogic last Saturday. She actually doesn’t want to continue after the summer class because she got a bit traumatized when Teacher Ria did a one-on-one on her. LOL.


I was actually not with her when she attended the class and she was accompanied by my sister, her dad and her yaya. But according to my sister and just as we predicted, she got really excited and she wanted to jump right to the pool as soon as she sees the toys and the other kids swimming. My sister also told me that she is not scared to dive and swim on her own.

I am really happy with her improvement in swimming and I am planning to enroll her with Aqualogic all year long. I also inquired for Cobi and they have the Aquababes program for babies 6 months to 18 months of age. But I have to get in to quick weight loss diets so I will not be ashamed to wear my swimsuit as one parent should accompany Aquababes students during class. But I am really excited for Cobi and I hope he will be like his ate who enjoys the water too.