Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prep Class UN Celebration

Looks like hubby and I will need acne laser treatment after this week as our acne will surely start to break out again as we will surely be working late everyday until Saturday.

The Prep class of St. Scholastica will celebrate United Nations this Friday and Saturday and Howell and I volunteered to help the teachers and the other parents to decorate one of the rooms with a European theme for the Exhibit this coming Saturday.

We decided to make a tarpaulin as our backdrop so at least even if we can’t find a lot of European decorations, we already have a nice European backdrop for the room. Hubby volunteered to do the tarpaulin and as of this writing, he still has to make tarpaulins of four cities and it should be finish today so we can send it for printing tomorrow.

So I guess hubby and I won’t be sleeping tonight so we can finish whatever we need to finish. All of this is our labor of love for our princess Bela.