Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Very Good Ate

Bela is such a good sister to Cobi even thought at times, she’s jealous and she wants everyone’s attention that she sometimes throw tantrums or just go up to our room and play there alone.

But then last night, I saw how happy she is having Cobi and having another baby cousin. My brother’s wife just gave birth last Friday night and when we visited them last night, the baby was already in their room and B was so excited and happy to see Izzie (the baby girl’s nickname).

B even said that she wants to go to my brother’s house to play and take care of Izzie. I’m just so happy that she acted that way. I think that B just prefer a baby girl so she can share her toys with her yet I know that he loves Cobi very much.
I believe that Bela will continue to be a good sister to Cobi and as well as to the newest member of our family, baby Izzie.