Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Captain to Businesswoman

In just a few weeks, my mom will officially finish her last term as Barangay Chairman and will finally take over her position to the newly elected one. I know she's a bit sad because being a leader in our community has been a big part of her life, yet I know she's happy because for all the years that she's been the captain, I believe that she served the people well.

And so, since my mom will have more time now, I'm thinking of helping her finance her own business so that she'll have something new to do. I've talked to my brother about this already and since he owns a cell phone and laptop shop at the mall, he suggested that mom can do the same thing and he'll just be the one to guide her for the whole process.

I know that my mom is not as business minded as my brother that's why she's a bit hesitant. But then I thought that putting up a website for her business can be a great help. And this is why, I'm planning to look for the best web hosting service to help promote the site for the business. In this way, we'll be able to advertise our products and for sure, many people will have the chance to view it.

For now, we are still on the process of finalizing our plans and we all hope that before November ends, we are able to start the new biz.