Sunday, October 03, 2010

Thinking of Possible Options

I can see how Bela does great with her studies. Since she studied in the big school, I can see a lot of improvements from her. She’s well disciplined now and she knows when to stop playing or watching TV to study. She even knows how to read a two-letter word now and she’s doing great in her writing activity now.

I am such a proud mom that’s why I am more motivated to work to earn enough to give her the best education and for Cobi as well. I also thought that maybe I should start investing my money rather than stocking it up in the bank.

Considering what to invest might be quite a hard decision for you should first think of the possible pros and cons of your options. As for now, I’m still reviewing the benefits of investing in gold bullion as I read from their site and base from the suggestions of my friends, this can be one of the best investments since gold has a lot of good benefits.

So now I’m still finalizing with my decisions and I know that I have to talk this over with hubby before I push through with it.