Monday, October 04, 2010

Want to be like him

I can see how hardworking my brother is when it comes to his business. He owns a cell phone and laptop shop at the mall for almost 5 years now and until now, the business is very successful. Well I can say that business is the forte of my brother because when he was still working in a company, it didn't work out for him.

And since he's earning enough money from that business, he was able to venture with another biz which is the franchising of food stalls. Likewise, he decided to invest in gold bullion instead of just keeping his money in the bank.

I know for sure that he will be more successful in this field because I can see how dedicated he is with his passion.

I just hope that I can also be just like him who has the courage to take the risk when it comes to entering in a business. Of course, I also want to have my own business someday for the assurance of my kids' future.