Sunday, October 03, 2010

To the Mall

Hubby is still resting as he just arrived from his short trip to our house in Bulacan to do some cleaning, but in a while we should all get ready to go to church and hit the mall after as we need to get a few things that we need;

• I need to look for a brown shirt for Bela which she will use for their program tomorrow as I posted in my previous post.
• I need to look for acne products too as I can’t take looking at my face because of my acne breakouts. LOL.
• We need to do our grocery too as Bela also needs to bring fruits and vegetables for their picnic tomorrow at school after the program and our supply is low already so we need to replenish our stock.

So after I make this post, I have to prepare already as we still have a lot of things to accomplish before the weekend is over.