Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Gift for Her

Hubby bought me a mini notebook as I badly need a small laptop that I can bring with me to Bela’s classes especially during weekend so I have something to use to do my work while waiting for her to finish. Hubby jokingly told Bela that the laptop that we bought is for Bela and I am just going to borrow it if I need to use it. But every time I use it at night, she always wants to use it also so she can watch her favourite videos from You Tube or the movies that her dad saved in the hard disk.

And so now we are thinking to give Bela her own netbook where she can watch her favourite videos and play with her favourite games. We checked out the site of and they will be having a Thanksgiving Sale where they are giving discounts to their laptop computers, desktops and other gadgets that they are selling on their online store.

Thanksgiving sale is really a huge sale with big discounts up for grabs so hubby and I are thinking that this will be the perfect timing to buy the laptop of Bela which will be our birthday gift for her fifth birthday next month.