Saturday, October 16, 2010

Divi Shopping for Bela's Party

Hubby and I both have no work last Monday and so I find this as the perfect opportunity to go to Divisoria to shop for the stuff that we will need for Bela’s party.

I initially wanted to order personalized bags but as per Jacqui and Peachy’s suggestion, I better check the bags at 168 first as the print is nicer and it might even be cheaper. And I am really glad I listened to their suggestion as I was able to buy a nice bag for boys and girls to place the party loots. Just look at this:


The princess bag I got for only P50. They are initially selling it to us for P100 but Howell was really good in haggling as we got it at half the price. The ben10 backpack we got for only P20. How cheap is that. And the print is really nice and it even has a print at the back.

I also bought lots of items as game prizes. I did an inventory the other night and I have more than enough prizes already for both girls and boys (total of around 150 items) so nobody will go home empty handed after the party.


I am almost done with the preparations for Bela’s party. The only thing left for us to do is the tarpaulin, invitation and shop for the attire that we will wear for the party and we are all set.