Sunday, October 03, 2010

8 Sessions Again with Aqualogic

Bela already finished 13 sessions of swimming lessons from Aqualogic Swim Company last week and yesterday, I enrolled her again for another 8 sessions (she will be on break on December as I know it is a very busy month for us).

Bela really improve a lot from her swimming days with Bert Lozada to when we move her with Teacher Ria of Aqualogic. Yesterday, they were already teaching her how to do the back stroke and I was really amazed at how Bela can follow their instructions well.

Hubby was so happy and proud too of her little princess and he was even the one who keep on insisting that Bela should be enrolled with Aqualogic’s Swimming Class all year long so she won’t loose her momentum if she will take a break.

I did not even think twice too in enrolling her again for another 8 sessions as I know Bela is really enjoying her swimming class so much that even though she is tired and sleepy already after attending her ballet class in the morning, she will still have energy left for her swimming class in the afternoon.

So as parents, we are just here to support and encourage Bela and help her find her true passion.