Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dora Show – April 24 / Aliw Theater

We watched the Dora Concert at the Aliw Theater last April 24. And just as I expected, Bela did not enjoy the show.

We bought the tickets right away after I found out of the concert. A few weeks after purchasing our tickets, I saw the sneak peek of the concert at Nick Jr. and I was surprised to see that Dora and Diego is not a mascot but a real person. I got worried because I know that Bela might not like it.

After I read from Jane’s blog that Sophia enjoyed the show, I found a little hope that Bela would love the show too. But I was wrong. She was excited at first when she saw Isa, Benny, Boots and the Map. But after she saw Dora, I’m not sure if she got surprised or scared or what that she wants us to carry her. We will try to divert her attention and she would watch the show for a couple of minutes but then she would start to ask Howell to stand up and carry her again. We are seated at the center aisle and so we can’t stand at the aisle while carrying Bela so Howell took her to the top of the theater while she is warming up. I thought she just needs to warm up for a bit and she will enjoy the show after a while, but she wants Howell to carry her during the entire show. And so we have to leave our seats and move up to the Deluxe seats because Bela prefers to watch the show from there. When we moved to the deluxe seats, she’s more relaxed and she watched the show while Howell was carrying her. She even danced during the last part of the show.

I don’t know what happened because she was able to watch the Sesame Street and Barney show and she did not react this way. Maybe she was thinking that it is not the real Dora performing on stage.

Too bad since the production of the show was good compared to Barney and Sesame Street. They even have a boat as props, they have lots of animals as props too and they change backdrops every now and then.

Oh well, maybe next time. At least she enjoyed some parts of the show. Here are some pictures of the show that I took. And by way, we were able to join the meet and greet with Dora and Diego. It was supposed to be for Nickster members only who won the contest of Nickelodeon. But we saw again the official photographer of the show whom we met when we watched the Sesame Street show and he invited us to have a picture with Dora and Diego during the Meet and Greet.


Jody said...

That was my concern nga that Dora pala was not a mascot but a real girl. Baka same din ang naging reaction ni Margaux. We didnt watch so siguro buti na lang din.