Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bela’s First week at Toddlers Unlimited

This week was Bela’s first week at Toddlers Unlimited. I took a day off from work so I can be with my daughter on his first day of being a preschooler.

Since we had a trial class there last February, when we arrived for her first day, it looks as though she was already familiar with the place as she immediately played at the Romp area while waiting for her 10:30 class. And when it is time to go inside the classroom, I don’t have to force her as she excitedly entered the room and immediately played with the toys there. She looks comfortable right away with Teacher Maica as she approached Teacher Maica and asked her to build the train for her.

I was inside the room the entire class for the first day and I was one proud mom as she was participating in all the activities. She was singing with her classmates during circle time, she was playing with her classmates during the free exploration and romp time, she did her artwork, and she ate together with her classmates during snack time. I was really happy because at home, it is really difficult to make her sit down and eat. But during her first and second day, she sat down with the rest of her classmates while eating.

Hope she will really have a great time here and hope she won’t get bored. I know she will really learn a lot from TU and I was really glad that we enrolled her here.

Below are some pictures that I took during her first day at TU.

.: playing with her classmates :..: playing with Teacher Nyra :..: Bubble Time :..: Singing Mr. Sun @ Circle Time :..: Art Time :..: Snack Time :..: Eating on her Own :..: Romp Time :.


shimumsy said...

bella is really having fun at school.

Farah said...


how old is bela na ba? diba magka age sila ni lizzie? baket ang haba na ata ng hair nya? di mo sya pinagupitan ever? :)

Joy said...

wow mukhang enjoy na enjoy si bela :D parang super busy sila. ilan sila sa isang class?

Mich said...

pre-schooler na ba talga si Bela? parang ang bilis ano? :)