Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Field Trip: Manila Ocean Park

Ever since the Manila Ocean Park opened last March, we have been planning to go there because my husband and I know that Bela will definitely have a great time there. Bela is so fond of animals specially sea creatures. And every time she sees a fish or a turtle she gets really excited and will keep on saying “Animals from the Ocean.” (She learned this from her Brainy Baby DVD).

So when I received the letter from Toddlers Unlimited that they will be having a filed trip at the Manila Ocean Park next week, I didn’t think twice and immediately signed up the confirmation form. Howell will be coming too so we will have an official daddy photographer. LOL. Good thing we are just near Ocean Park so we don’t have to wake up that early to join the filed trip. We will just go straight there instead of meeting up the rest of the group in Makati before 8 AM .

I’m so excited already. For sure Bela will have a grand time there. But before I get really excited I remember I still have to pay the fees and I have to buy a light blue colored shirt since all the participants are required to wear light blue colored shirt/blouse on the day of the filed trip. I have to do some shopping this weekend (which makes me even more excited. Wink)


Kitts said...

hi bela, hope you'll have as much fun as dani had at ocean park! :D

abie said...

Hi Dani,

Mommyis more excited for bela...I'm sure she will have a great time.