Monday, April 14, 2008

Bela’s Last Show Day at the Little Gym

It was Bela’s show day at the Little Gym last Sunday. This will be her last show day since we won’t be enrolling her for the next quarter since she will start her three times a week schedule at Toddlers Unlimited come June. So I was a bit sentimental and I was kind of sad watching Bela, Teacher Clara and her other classmates during the show day. We made a bond with the other parents at the gym and the thought of not being able to see them again, makes me feel kind of sad.

Ok, so enough of the senti part, and let me go back to my story about Bela’s show day.

She was still the active Bela that she is and she is in the mood again this time as she participated with all the activities again. And I was kind of surprised because she enjoyed the bars this time. She usually doesn’t want to hang on the bars but last Sunday she kept on hanging on to the bars with the other kids. And she was really strong as she was able to hang on her own for a couple of seconds. She even approached Teacher Clara when Teacher Clara was doing the wheel borrow with her other classmate so she can try the skill too with Teacher Clara.

Too bad her lola and tita we’re not able to come since they have some previous appointments. But lolo is with Bela to witness her last show day.

Below are Teacher Clara’s comments about Bela:

“Bela has become extra, extra active this semester. As soon as she enters the gym, she will approach teacher and give me a sweet smile. After that, she’s off to running all over the place. She will also do her tumbles once encouraged and she excels greatly in the bars because of her ability to reach for the bars by herself.”

I can say that Bela has improved a lot since we first started at Little Gym less than a year ago. She was the shy and quiet Bela at first, but look at her now, she is so active, friendly and confident. All of this we owe to Little Gym. Maybe we can try a new class next summer as we will always love Little Gym and if there is a new class that Bela will surely enjoy, we will not think twice in enrolling her again here.

Below are some pictures that Howell took during the show day.

.: enjoying the parachute :.

.: peek-a-boo dad :.

.: teacher giving bela her appraisal report :.

.: trying the balance beam :.

.: on her own - she's really so strong :.

.: class picture - bela is cranky na as she is already sleepy & hungry :.