Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Baby and Me Class – Enrolled

Yehey, my daughter is now enrolled at the My Baby and Me class of Bert Lozada Swim School.

I tried to call them yesterday to inquire but I was informed that they don’t have an available slot for the My Baby and Me class. So I panicked. I told them that I was informed when I inquired last February that I can enroll anytime and I don’t have to pay any reservation fee. So I was a bit pissed when they we’re telling me that they can’t accept Bela since their class is already full. I know that is a good thing because it means that they are really maintaining the teacher to student ratio per class but I would really like to enroll Bela there since the pool at Ace Water Spa is heated and it is a covered pool so she won’t get dark even if she goes swimming every Saturday.

So I have to convince and beg Mildred (BLSS coordinator) to let Bela join the My Baby and Me class. Good thing, Mildred said that they can accept Bela in the 4:10 – 4:50 class.

And since Howell was on leave today because he drove Bela to school, I told him to drop by at Ace Water Spa to pay the fee before they change their mind. And so I just got a call from him and Bela is now enrolled. Good news is they have an available slot for the 9:10 – 9:50 class. Howell prefers this schedule since she doesn’t want Bela to stay long hours at the pool in the afternoon as he is worried that she might get sick.

So this coming Saturday, Bela will start her class at Ace Water Spa. I’m so excited. Last summer we also enrolled her for the My Baby and Me program and she had so much fun. Hope she will have twice as fun as last year.


Jody said...

Margaux is also enrolled in My Baby and Me class and I'm the official buddy. It's her 5th session already and Margaux was so good in kicking na! I'm one proud mama. She was also submerged na to water many times. Gusto ko nga after ng My Baby and Me, enroll ko na sya dun sa official swimming class eh.

abie said...

Hi jody,

Si Bela kaka start pa lang last Saturday and super enjoy sya, super confident sa water. Kaso si daddy nya ang takot. Noong last session di pumayag na i submerge si Bela. Next week na lang daw baka mabigla...hehehe